Maintenance Mania® 







What is Maintenance Mania®?

Maintenance Mania® is a national program offered by NAA and presenting sponsor HD Supply (HDS), in which maintenance technicians compete against each other in various skill-based games.

Each NAA local affiliate has the opportunity to have their maintenance technicians compete individually to win various local awards and a chance to compete at the National Championship held at Apartmentalize.

Participants must be employed by a community in good standing with their local association or an NAA Direct Member. Members interested in qualifying for the National Championship must register as competitors in the National Championship Qualifying Program with their local affiliate.

At the end of the competition year, NAA will offer the top participant from each of the ten (10) NAA regions, plus ten rookies, the chance to compete in the National Championship. The affiliate also can give the competing individuals various awards at a local level. It is up to the affiliate to decide how they will distribute awards to the winners at their event.

The Games

The event consists of several skill-based table games based on common maintenance activities and a race car competition.

Participants build their race cars prior to the event, aiming to have the fastest and most creative car built out of maintenance supplies.

All games are timed to determine the fastest competitor in each game and overall.

National Championship

Each year, the Maintenance Mania® National Championship is held in conjunction with the Apartmentalize. The games will be developed from the standard competitive event categories, although games may be conducted differently than at the local level.

National Competitors

The National Apartment Association is organized into 10 regional entities. The participant with the fastest combined time in each region qualifies as a Regional Finalist. The rookies with the 10 fastest times will earn the remaining 10 spots in the National Championship, regardless of region. 

Prizes Awarded to the National Championship Winners
1st Place: The winner receives a CAMT scholarship from NAA and the local affiliate (if offered).
1st, 2nd and 3rd place also receive various prizes donated by presenting sponsor HD Supply and the National Sponsors.