NAA Education Institute (NAAEI)

NAAEI can help you succeed in the rental housing industry. With online and classroom training, you can learn the newest advancements and get credentials that will help you develop your career. Invest in yourself and take the necessary steps to become an industry leader.

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Online Training (Visto) 

Are you looking to improve your skills in the workforce? Our NAAEI Credentials are available on Visto, our online learning platform. You can find CECs (Continuing Education Credits), courses and resources to help you advance your career. With Visto, you can take your learning to the next level - start your journey today.

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Leadership Opportunities

Grow your career and become a leader by taking part in these two educational chances. NAA's Diversity Leadership Program will help you learn the skills needed to become a successful leader. Take advantage of these opportunities to help you succeed.

Recognition Opportunities

Your achievements won't go unnoticed! Our recognition programs, NAA's 20 in their 20s, Excellence Awards and Top Employers are ready to help you get the recognition you deserve. Get the opportunity to shine at Apartmentalize. Start your journey to success today.

Residential Property Management 

(RPM Careers)

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Are you looking for a career that involves helping people and making a difference in their lives? Then a position on an RPM team could be perfect for you! RPM teams are responsible for recruiting residents, ensuring they have their needs met inside and outside their homes, making the community a welcoming place and keeping track of all income and expenses. You will be responsible for housing operations, maintenance and making sure all laws and policies, such as the Fair Housing Act, are being followed. This is a great opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives.

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