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By Will Nurss on 4.10.2017

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I started my first job in the restaurant industry as a bus boy, and eventually transitioned into serving. It was definitely a fast-paced work environment, and I never left without breaking a sweat. I always cared more about providing great service than about how much I made in tips. Six years in the industry gave me a solid foundation for doing so. Although forever grateful for the experience, I decided to pursue a more career-minded profession after graduating the University of Arizona with a business economics degree.

A friend who had just started working in the industry referred me to residential property management. My friend described the mix of sales, service, and business analysis that went into the profession. I thought it would be a good fit given my service background and business degree. Going on my fourth year in residential property management, I can say I was right.

I am an assistant community director for Weidner Apartment Homes in Tucson, Arizona. My day-to-day functions include leasing, answering phones, responding to emails, working on resident files, doing bank deposits, reconciling move out charges with security deposits, monthly resident event planning, and assisting the director as needed. My attention to detail, and always my desire to help makes me a great residential property management professional. I am always happy to do something extra if I know it will make someone else’s work easier. I take pride in being organized, which is important if you want to work efficiently, and effectively. With all the phone calls, emails, service requests, side projects, and residents stopping in, it is easy to miss things if you are not organized.

Getting to help residents, whether it is in the form of answering a question, or putting in a service request, is the most rewarding part of residential property management. Residents are not just customers that pay rent; they are people you get to know and connect with. There are so many little things you do each day, that all add up to a quality apartment home living experience. Prospects sometimes will tell you stories about places they lived where maintenance was ignored, things were not taken care of, and their concerns were not recognized. I know when they move into our community that will not be their experience. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge that comes with the profession, and there is always room to grow, to learn, and to improve. With each step there is opportunity to pass on knowledge, and help others on your team grow. Each day brings new challenges, and is never the same.

Having started my fourth year in residential property management, I have gained a good understanding and appreciation for what goes into making an apartment property run, I signed up to be a residential property management ambassador to share my insight to help guide others considering a role in the industry.


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