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Government Affairs

Your safety net for your business and the industry at large is engagement in public policy activities.

Government Affairs

Your safety net for your business and the industry at large is engagement in public policy activities. At the federal level, we partner with NMHC to advocate for a supportive legislative and regulatory climate to protect your business. At the state and local levels, we analyze legislation, conduct research and provide resources to help build your and your fellow members' strength and influence.

Recent News

Labor Department Issues Final Overtime Rule Impacting Multifamily - The Labor Department has issued its final rule that lifts the overtime pay threshold from $23,660 to $47,476 – impacting an estimated 4.2 million workers nationwide. Effective Dec. 1, executive, administrative and professional employees who are paid by the hour, or earn less than the threshold, will be eligible for overtime pay.

Apartment Housing Industry Reminds Lawmakers of Tax Reform Priorities - The House and Senate tax-writing committees are working feverishly on proposals that could see action in 2017. The apartment housing industry used an April 26 Senate Finance Committee tax reform hearing to remind lawmakers about key elements that should be preserved in any overhauled system.

NAA/NMHC White Paper on Resident Screening Policies for Ex-Offenders Now Available - NAA/NMHC’s new white paper on HUD’s recently-issued guidance on the use of criminal histories in resident screening is now available for NAA members. (Member login required.) The white paper, “Criminal Conviction Screening Policies: Best Practices to Avoid Disparate Impact Liability,” reviews the HUD guidance, provides the historical and legal context and recommends best practices for apartment owners and operators.

Watch Now: The NAA/NMHC Fair Housing Webinar Video Is Available -  NAA/NMHC's webinar on our new white paper, “Fair Housing: Familial Status and Occupancy,” is now available for members to review. (Member login required.)

House Overwhelmingly Passes NAA/NMHC-Supported Flood Reform - The full House has passed NAA/NMHC-supported legislation that will increase property owner’s access to alternative options of flood insurance coverage outside of the government sponsored National Flood Insurance Program. This legislation will help foster increased private market competition, making coverage more affordable for multifamily firms nationwide.

Senate Passes Broad Energy Bill Impacting Apartment Housing - The Senate has passed an important energy bill that includes key provisions that will directly impact the apartment housing industry. The “Energy Policy Modernization Act” is the culmination of a multi-year effort by NAA/NMHC to support building energy efficiency legislation, which includes improvements in federal involvement in the development of building codes.

Fannie, Freddie Raising Multifamily Lending Cap to $35B - FHFA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s regulator, announced that it is raising the GSEs multifamily lending cap from $31 billion to $35 billion.

Industry Gets Behind Effort to Block President’s Overtime Rule - NAA/NMHC have expressed support for the “Protecting Workplace Advancement and Opportunity Act,” which would block the Obama Administration’s proposed overtime rule. The bill would nullify the overtime rule proposal.

Hill Interest in the EB-5 Program Ramps Up - The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program remains a topic of debate in both the House and Senate. That’s because the program will require congressional action to reauthorize it before Sept. 30 in order to avoid a program shutdown.

Feeling the Housing Bern: Sanders Is the Latest to Detail Platform  - Senator Bernie Sanders released his agenda for housing policy as part of his presidential campaign. He joins a number of other candidates who have expressed views on the future of housing in America during the campaign.

More Spending, Less Capital - Several moves by FHFA are escalating Fannie and Freddie capital concerns on Capitol Hill. Specifically, they recently made their first contribution to the National Housing Trust Fund for the production and preservation of affordable housing for low-income families nationwide. 

Senate Vote to Throw Out Water Rule Amendment Fails - The Senate failed to pass an amendment that would have defunded the Obama Administration’s controversial Waters of the U.S. federal rule. Ultimately, the amendment’s defeat is likely to clinch the failure of the entire bill when it comes up for a vote.

Fed Officials: No More Blanket Criminal History Exclusions - HUD issued fair housing guidance on April 4 that extends protections for individuals with criminal histories. The new guidance prohibits the use of arrest records to deny residency and denials based on convictions must consider the nature and severity of the incident. Overall, the guidance seeks to end blanket exclusions of prospective residents based on criminal history in favor of a more individualized approach that is more narrowly tailored to achieve property safety and security goals. 

HUD Issues Final Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Rates – HUD has issued the final rules cutting the FHA multifamily mortgage insurance rates to spur the financing of affordable housing and energy-efficient apartments. The decision is anticipated to result in the rehabilitation of an additional 12,000 units of affordable housing each year.

Flood Insurance Rates on the Upswing - The National Flood Insurance Program experienced a scheduled rise in rates on April 1 as a result of reforms enacted by Congress.

Check the 2016 Area Median Income Limits - HUD recently released its fiscal year 2016 Area Median Income Limits. AMIs are used to set eligibility thresholds for several federal subsidy programs, including the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Section 8 programs.

House Committee Says It’s Time to Privatize Flood Insurance - The House Budget Committee report on March 23 has recommended privatizing flood insurance as part of its Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposal as a way to cut Federal Government costs. The report outlined that there was “little to no” private sector alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program, which places the cost on taxpayers.

Holland Testifies on Affordability - Clyde Holland, chairman and CEO of Holland Partner Group, testified on Capitol Hill on March 22 in front of the House Committee on Financial Services Housing and Insurance Subcommittee on the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for multifamily homes for millions of working Americans.

Leading Experts Call for Merging Fannie and Freddie -  A group of leading experts on housing finance and domestic economic policy on March 23 released a paper entitled, “A Promising Road to GSE Reform,” outlining a path forward for reform of the Government-Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Emotional Support Animal Member Toolkit – To assist property owners with the increase in reasonable accommodation requests for emotional support animals, a NAA working group has developed a resource toolkit for members with practical guidance on this emerging issue. (New Resource)

New Resource: White Paper on Fair Housing: Familial Status and Occupancy - NAA/NMHC commissioned a white paper concerning fair housing familial status issues. This white paper helps clarify what is allowed under the law and includes recommendations for owners on how to create on-site policies. (member login required)

Policy Resources:

2016 NAA and NMHC Policy Priorities

2015 NAA and NMHC Accomplishments

Policy Articles:

In a Nutshell: Multifamily and the President’s Budget Proposal (Article) - President Obama released his final budget proposal for the 2017 fiscal year on Feb. 9. Although the President’s budget as a whole has little chance of being enacted, it’s not unusual for the budget’s individual provisions to be enacted as part of other legislation proposals.

Apartment Industry Emphasizes the Vital Importance of Balanced Housing Policy (News Release) - In response to President Obama’s final State of the Union address on Jan. 12, NAA and NMHC took the opportunity to release a detailed statement outlining the apartment housing industry’s top policy priorities for the year ahead.

In a Nutshell: Apartment Housing and FY 2016 Omnibus Funding  (Article) - The Omnibus legislation funding the federal government for Fiscal Year 2016 that was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama included wide-ranging provisions that touched many aspects of the industry from housing finance reform to assisted housing to research-related Census data.

2015 = Success (Article) – NAA and NMHC's hard work in 2015 resulted in critical changes that will benefit the industry. They include securing the extension of key expired tax provisions, successfully advocating for vital Section 8 Housing Voucher Program reforms and helping ensure beneficial changes to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.

Apartment Industry News:

For the latest in apartment industry policy and advocacy news, read the Apartment Advocate, NAA Government Affairs' flagship publication.