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Why Do You Need an AMS Solution?

In October 2012, the NAA Board of Directors set as a strategic objective to create a workable association management platform for the affiliates. The goal of the initiative was defined as the alignment of the various affiliate platforms to allow for the member information to be exchanged on a more frequent basis, as determined by each affiliate.

The companies NAA has partnered with to provide AMS services are WebLink and NimbleUser; both are respected providers of management software to associations.

Affiliates that sign on to the AMS part of the platform will have access to:

  • Database Management – You will have all your member, non-member and prospect information in one easy-to-use system to help you run your operations. Everything is tied together, when you change to a name, address, or anything, it’s automatically updated in all places. No need to retype, upload, or sync up data. Everything is tied together and at your fingertips.
  • Event Management – Manage your events in your membership database. Allow members to register online while you view attendee lists, link event locations with registration confirmations, run event revenue reports, and send event reminders quickly and easily.
  • Communication Management – Easily manage your marketing and communications campaigns. You will be able to deliver new information to each member in the way they prefer, and keep a record of it.  Additionally, members can select their specific areas of interest, allowing you to develop targeted messages.
  • Financial Management – Manage all of your association’s finances with a cash receipts and receivables management system. You can manage all your billings for dues, events, advertising or any other income account in one central location.  The system will also integrate with a number of accounting systems for accounts payable and general ledger functions.
  • Easy Reporting to NAA – Sharing with and receiving information from NAA will be easy.  You can either set it and it will happen automatically or keep a manual setting to run the data exchange.    

Depending on which partner you select you will have additional options as well.

Explore the costs for participating.

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