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I don't know my NAA Login ID or Password. What do I do?

If you already receive units Magazine or have interacted with NAA in any way in the past our system has already assigned you a unique Login ID and password, which is all you need in order to proceed. Your automatically generated Login ID can be found on the label of your units Magazine.

Please note that if you have ever changed your Login ID via NAA's My Account page, the ID on your units mailing label will not work.

If you have never logged in to NAA's website before, your password is set as the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, and the first 5 digits of your mailing address ZIP code. If you have logged into NAA's website in the past, you may have to reset your password and you will use your new password to access the site.

Retrieve Password
If you do not know your Login ID or Password, the system will provide you with an alternative way to have the information sent to the email address you have on file with NAA.

Change Password
You can change your Login ID and/or password from the default to something more personal and easy to remember. 

Create Account
If you are new to the apartment industry and have never had any interaction with NAA previously, create a new Login ID. For those of you who aleady receive units Magazine or have had previous interaction with NAA, please note that creating a duplicate Login ID may lead to delays or complications processing your designation enrollment and exams.

My Account
Moved, got a new job, changed your email address? Want to change your password or Login ID? Update all of your contact information here.

I'm logged in to the site, but when I tried to click on a page, it opened an "Error: Access Denied" page. What do I do?

It is possible that the page you are trying to open is one you don't have permission to view. If you feel you have reached this "Access Denied" page in error, please contact NAA's Web Manager.

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