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Click & Lease FAQs

National Apartment Association (NAA) creates the content for Click & Lease. NAA also updates the forms, and reviews them for legal compliance. Blue Moon is our technology partner and maintains the technical aspect   of the Click & Lease system, including the eSign/digital versions of the forms.

At a minimum, Click & Lease forms are reviewed annually by local counsel (attorneys in each state) and updated as needed. The review schedule of each state depends on when the state legislature meets. If laws are changed outside of this cycle, local counsel contacts us to let us know what updates need to be made to the forms.

If you believe a form is out of date, please send an email to [email protected]. Please note that in some cases a form provided by the federal, state, or local government may be out of date. In these cases, NAA will update the form when an updated version becomes available.

There is no charge to get a sample lease; however, each request is assessed on an individual basis. At a minimum, your property must have an active Click & Lease membership or have an affiliate membership.

Request a Sample Lease

In most cases, yes. However, these changes affect every property using Click & Lease in a given state. Therefore, it is not an update that is made on an individual form basis. Please note that sometimes character counts or character types are unable to be expanded in a certain field due to the form’s layout or technical or legal requirements.

Please also note that if you need additional space for content for any reason, the Special Provisions field or the Additional Special Provisions form can be used. As always, with any custom changes to the lease, we advise you to contact an attorney local to you to be sure you are in legal compliance.

If there is an addendum or other form you would like to use in Click & Lease that you don’t have, please contact your company’s program administrator or Risk Management team.

If the addendum or form is not currently in your state’s forms library, you can either work with Blue Moon to create a custom form or contact NAA’s Product Team to see if it is something we could add for your state. Please keep in mind that if the form is not legally required, we will consider it for possible inclusion in future releases.

Blue Moon has an open and free API to allow any interested software provider to integrate with Click & Lease. Providers that currently integrate with Click & Lease include Yardi, RealPage, Entrata, AppFolio, MRI, ResMan, Rent Manager, Funnel, and 365 Connect.

If you do not see the software you are looking for on this list, or if you have further questions about software integration, please contact Blue Moon at [email protected].

Yes, you can! However, please note that there may be additional charges for doing so. When using or creating your own custom forms, we advise that you work with local counsel (an attorney near you) throughout the process, to ensure that you remain legally compliant. NAA is not responsible for the content of your custom form nor responsible for its continued attorney review. Then, check with the Blue Moon custom forms team to see if any charges apply, and if they are able to implement your form.

You may add additional language to the lease by using the Special Provisions section or the Additional Special Provisions addendum. However, we suggest that you work with your own local attorney when adding any new language, to ensure that you remain legally compliant. 

NAA does not offer nor manage the HUD lease or other affordable housing leases. If using Click & Lease, it is the housing provider's responsibility to update their forms to stay compliant with HUD's requirements. The HUD lease will also need to be added as a custom form via Blue Moon.

NAA does offer an affordable housing addendum with a special provisions section allowing active users to enter the language required for their affordable units/properties. As always, we recommend that you work with your local counsel and risk management teams to ensure that your leases are in legal and operational compliance. 

NAA’s Apartment Lease Contracts are generally written for use with conventional housing. If you wish to use the lease for your senior housing properties, we recommend you contact your local counsel to make sure the forms are appropriate for your intended use.

Please contact [email protected].

You can use custom forms if a form is not currently available and you need it urgently. We suggest you consult your local counsel to ensure any changes you make remain legally compliant.

Yes, each instance of Click & Lease incurs an additional cost.

If you have a resident with accessibility concerns that needs the lease to be displayed in a larger font, please email Blue Moon and they will work with you to accommodate your request.


Any decisions about whether a form can or cannot be signed digitally, as well as any unique formatting, are most likely due to laws in your state or locality. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Yes, we have local counsel in every state that is experienced with matters concerning Click & Lease. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you’d like more information about our Click & Lease attorney network. 

At this time, we do not offer a Lease packet in any language other than English. The forms in Click & Lease that are translated into other languages have been provided by the specific state or local jurisdiction. NAA is working to add Spanish leases to its offerings.

Unfortunately, NAA is not able to assist you in this matter. We do not oversee the property management companies that use the NAA Lease packets. We recommend you work with the property’s corporate offices or reach out to a Landlord/Tenant attorney. 

Please be aware that for legal reasons, we cannot provide you with legal or operational advice. Should you need assistance in those matters, please contact your company’s compliance team and/or an attorney local to you.  If you need a referral for local counsel, please let us know.

Some examples of these questions:

  • “This law is vaguely written. Can you tell me what it means?”
  • "When does this form have to be given?”
  • “Should our development be using ABC form?”
  • “Can I increase the listed maximum amount on this field?”

If the above did not answer your questions, or you need further assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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