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Smart solution to expensive rekeying costs

Sponsored by ADT Multifamily

There is a lot to do when a resident moves out of a unit, and rekeying is one of the staples. The last thing a property would want to deal with is a resident with a grudge hoarding extra copies of his key that could be reused if he came back after moving out. Some properties don’t even rekey their locks; instead they move tumblers from unit to unit. While this is not a terrible idea, it still leaves vulnerabilities on the property.  With ADT Multifamily’s smart lock solution, rekeying is as simple as moving someone out in your property management software (we have integrations with all the big PMSs). Upon move out, the code the former resident used simply stops working! When a new resident moves in, they are issued a new 6 digit pin and granted access on their smart phone via an app. For more information, call us at 866-204-0649 or visit us at to schedule an appointment.

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