Self-Promotion: A New Tool for Your Maintenance Tool Bag

February 28, 2022 |

Updated February 28, 2022

2 minutes

"By putting yourself out there, it not only increases your visibility, but it increases the visibility of the company you work for.”

Maintenance team members often serve as the face of their communities, but they are rarely used to promote their properties. Even less common are opportunities for maintenance associates to promote themselves.  

The 2021 Apartmentalize session, “Promote Yourself: A New Tool for Your Maintenance Tool Bag,” discussed the importance of recognizing the work and accomplishments of maintenance associates, while providing opportunities for self-promotion. 

While training maintenance team members to do some self-promotion goes a long way toward career development, resident satisfaction, recruitment and employee retention, it doesn’t come naturally for most technicians.

“Promoting yourself is one of those things that maintenance team members have a hard time doing. It’s not one of the tools in their tool bag,” said Chris Caramanica, Director of Facilities at WinnResidential. “Not every maintenance team member is comfortable with self-promotion. But the first time they were handed a plunger, they didn’t know how to use it. They can learn to do it, but they’re going to need help from their property managers and regionals.”

That assistance will include direction and training, but also a change of perspective for management teams.

“As the old saying goes, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the oil.’ Where maintenance is concerned, it’s, ‘The nail that stands up gets pounded down,’” said panelist Paul Rhodes, Director of Maintenance Operations at The Life Properties. “If that’s our mentality, we have a problem as leaders.”

Panelists suggested scheduling more quick meetings with managers to discuss achievements, equipping technicians with business cards to help get their names out there, and encouraging an increased social media presence for improved visibility and recognition. 

The key with social media is to remain positive, said Mary Gwyn, Chief Innovator at Apartment Dynamics.

“Don’t be snarky. Don’t complain. Don’t join in on posts that are,” Gwyn said. “Use it as an opportunity to appear professional. Put videos out there that aren’t braggy, but that demonstrate something you were able to achieve. Post before and after videos or pictures to illustrate your work.” 

When done correctly, increased visibility for the maintenance team can even help with the recruitment of new team members. 

“The celebration of the people currently in our workforce makes our industry more enticing,” Caramanica said. “It may help bring people into our industry and fill some of the jobs that we’re having trouble filling right now. By putting yourself out there, it not only increases your visibility, but it increases the visibility of the company you work for, and it pays dividends almost immediately.”

Doug Pike is a Content Manager at LinnellTaylor Marketing.