Scheduling an NAAEI Exam with Castle Live Online Proctoring (LOP)

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Note: During this process, you will receive the following three automatically generated emails. You will not need the information in these emails to schedule your exam, but you will need it to take the exam, so please retain these three emails until after you’ve completed the exam.

  • Notice to Schedule Email [insert name] Exam” from [email protected]
  • “Castle Worldwide SCHEDULING CONFIRMATION NOTICE (Admission Ticket)” from [email protected], and
  • “Castle Worldwide: Your Exam Appointment” from [email protected] “. This email provides your exam appointment ID and the link to begin your exam. 

Scheduling Your Exam

  1. Candidate receives Castle exam eligibility code from NAAEI or affiliate staff. 
  2. Please go to the scheduling website to book your exam. Please schedule your exam under your full legal name as it appears on your government-issued ID. When you sign in to take your exam, you will need to present a government-issued photo ID to the proctor for confirmation. You will see the following screen:

    The NAAEI exam scheduling welcome screen.

  3. Input your NAA ID and the exam eligibility code you received into the appropriate fields above. Click “Submit”. 
  4. The next screen (pictured below) will ask you to review/edit/confirm your demographic information. Review your demographic information and make any necessary corrections. It is very important that your email address is correct.

    A screenshot of the NAAEI exam scheduling system, showing several fields to put personal registration information.

  5. At the bottom of the page, select the radio button “Live Online Proctoring (LOP)” to test via live online proctoring (LOP). Then, click “Submit Form.”

    A screenshot of the NAAEI scheduling system, with an arrow pointing to a bubble next to the option, "NAAEI Affiliated Associations Availability"

  6. Click “OK” on the pop-up message pictured below:

    A popup window and a blue arrow pointing to the "OK' button.

  7. Carefully review the examination admission requirements. Scroll down to the end of the displayed document, check the checkbox next to “I attest”, then click “Continue”.

    A document containing admission requirements, and two arrows pointing to a box that says "I attest" and a submit button.

  8. Choose the exam you want to schedule and click “Schedule”

    A dashboard with a list of the user's unscheduled exams.

  9. You will see the screen displayed below. When you click on “Examination Delivery Requirements”, it will initiate the process of verification that the computer you are using is suitable for the testing purposes. However, if you are scheduling your exam on a computer DIFFERENT from the one you will be testing on, you may bypass this process for now, and continue straight to the scheduling part. (Starting at step 17 below.) You will be given another opportunity to verify your computer’s suitability immediately prior to the exam. To avoid any delays in your testing, we strongly recommend that you schedule your test using the same computer which will be used for testing.

    The registration welcome screen with a blue arrow pointing to a link reading, "Examination Delivery Requirements."


  10. A new tab will open in your browser. Click on “click here to test now."

    A screen on the Castle website discussing system requirements. A blue arrow points to a button that says "test now."

  11. You will see the following screen. Scroll down to make sure that all components have status “Passed” indicated.

    The system requirements results screen, with a blue arrow pointing to this user's results, reading "Passed"

  12. If all components feature a “Passed” status, close the “PASS” browser tab (thin blue arrow). You will return to the “Castle Registration” tab (thick blue arrow).

    The results screen again, with a thin blue arrow pointing to the "X" to close the system requirements tab. A thicker blue arrow points to the previous tab, to which the user will return.

  13. In the “Castle Registration” tab, now click on “Live Online Proctoring Requirements.”

    The registration welcome screen, with a blue arrow pointing to a link reading, "Live Online Proctor Requirements."

  14. A new tab will open, and different components of your computer will be tested.

    A new tab with icons for various components of the user's hardware needed for the exam.

  15. Please be patient while the system finishes testing your internet speed (thin blue arrow above). A minimum bandwidth of 2 Mbps upload and download speed is required to support the video process during the exam. When the process is finished, you’ll see the following screen:

    The system requirements testing screen, with a blue arrow pointing to the Internet Connection icon.

  16. After you see “Proceed. Speed is acceptable” (Thick blue arrow above), close the Examity browser tab (by clicking on a little cross with thin blue arrow below), and you will return to the “Castle Registration” browser tab (thick blue arrow below).

    The system requirement check screen, with "ready" printed below each icon and "Speed is acceptable" under the internet speed icon. A thin blue arrow points to the "X" to close this tab, and a thicker blue arrow points to the previous tab, where the user will return.

    If any aspect of your computer is found to be unacceptable for testing, you will need to find another work station or computer for the testing purposes.

  17. After you’ve tested both system requirements, you can now click on the red button “Schedule/Take a live online proctoring exam.”

    The registration welcome screen, with a thick blue arrow pointing to a red button that says, "Schedule/Take a live online proctoring exam."


  18. You will see the following screen. Click on “My Profile,” as indicated by the thick blue arrow.

    The Examity home screen, with a blue arrow pointing to a button on the menu reading, "My Profile."

  19. On the next screen click on “Edit”. This will allow you to review and confirm the details on your account.

    The Examity "My Profile" page, with a blue arrow pointing to an "Edit" button in the "account information" section.


  20. In the “Account Information” section, enter your phone number and select your time zone from the drop down list, as shown below. This is very important for your exam scheduling. Click “Save”.

    The account information section, with blue arrows pointing to the phone number and time zone fields. Another arrow points to the "save" button for once the user has updated their information.

  21. You will see the message “Account information has been updated successfully.” Now click on “Schedule an Exam” at the bottom of the screen.

    The account information section, with arrows pointing to the save confirmation icon, a green checkmark. Another arrow points to a link reading, "Schedule an exam."

  22. From the “Exam Program” drop down list, select the exam you’d like to schedule. From the “Exam name” drop down list, select the exam name.

    The exam scheduling page, with blue arrows pointing to the "Exam Program" dropdown menu and the "Exam Name" dropdown menu.

  23. If you would like to take your exam within the next 24 hours, be sure that the On-demand Scheduling button is switched to “On”.
  24. If On-demand Scheduling is switched to “Off” you will NOT be able to schedule within the next 24 hours. You must switch On-demand Scheduling to “Off” in order to schedule beyond the next 24 hours.
  25. From the calendar showing available dates, select the one that suits you. Once you click on a date, all available appointments will be shown on the right. Pick the one you like, and Click “Schedule”.

    The exam scheduling page, showing a calendar where the user can select a date. A blue arrow points to the "Schedule" button.

  26. You will see a pop-up asking to confirm the selected schedule. Click “Yes” if you are sure you are available to take the test on this date and time.

    A popup window asking the user if they'd like to confirm their scheduled exam. A blue button points to the "OK" button.

  27. You will see “Appointment scheduled successfully.”

    A blue arrow pointing to a green checkmark signifying that the exam has been scheduled successfully.

  28. Your exam is now scheduled. Following the scheduling, you should receive an email with the subject line “Castle Worldwide: Your Exam Appointment” from [email protected] “. This email contains your exam appointment ID and the link to begin your exam. Please be sure to have this email readily available right before your test. Refer to this email and the instructions for taking your LOP exam when you are ready to do so.