Residential Property Management Careers Week

In 2022, we will be celebrating RPM Careers Week from July 18-22! 

RPM Careers Week is a great time for hiring personnel, whether they are onsite managers or corporate human resources managers, to evaluate incoming talent more effectively by exploring core competencies rather than just looking for previous apartment industry experience.

NAA and NAAEI will also be celebrating Apartment Onsite Teams Day on July 20 in conjunction with RPM Careers Week to celebrate the dedication and contributions of apartment housing staff. 

Who can participate in National RPM Careers Week?

Anyone can. Apartment community staff, apartment management companies, hiring personnel and NAA affiliates are all encouraged to participate in creating awareness about careers in the apartment industry. 

Are You In?

Great! Here’s how you can make the most of RPM Careers Week:

  • Share—the careers website of the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI), designed to attract qualified candidates to explore our industry
  • Promote awareness through social media using #RPMcareers
  • Download the media kit (Coming soon!)
  • Download RPM Career Week brochures and other materials (Coming soon!)


For more information, contact Pam Weber