Robotic Furniture Being Tested in Boston Apartments

October 12, 2016 |

Updated August 4, 2021

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Making the most efficient use of space has been the goal of studio apartment dwellers since, well, the dawn of the studio apartment. Robotic furniture can help, and it’s much closer to reality.

Ori, a robotics furniture company that began in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, is beta testing its products by working with high-end multifamily developers in Boston. Apartment units that have the robotic furniture are being rented on Airbnb, and Ori is reviewing that user feedback to tweak the furniture designs.

“The technology uses modular furniture and software that makes your furniture reconfigurable, transforming small spaces from living rooms into bedrooms and even workspaces with the push of a button,” says a CNBC article. “The system is designed for spaces between 300 and 500 square feet.”

Next, the company will install its furniture in apartment communities in Washington, D.C., and Seattle and will publicly launch in 2017.

The company plans to sell directly to developers, not individual apartment residents. Residents will be charged a monthly fee for the furniture. Pricing is not known yet.

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