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UNITS Exclusive: We're Family. Multifamily.

For many NAA members, the apartment industry has been a multi-generational affair.

We like to think of ourselves as part of one big family—multifamily. But for many NAA members, that’s quite literally the case. As NAA celebrates its 75th anniversary, several industry families share their unique stories of growing up in the business.

The June issue of units Magazine features some of these families. Click the images and titles below for a sneak peek, or look for this story when units Magazine hits your mailbox. 

"Built-In Babysitters" The Subinsky Family

"War Stories" The Vaughan Family
The Subinsky Family The Vaughan Family
 "A Father, a Son and a
Sewage System" The Dolben Family

"Breaking Down Barriers" The Chavez-Costello Family 
 The Dolben Family  The Chaves-Costello Family


 "Memphis Mischief" The Ringel and Makowsky Families

The Ringel Family The Makowsky Family


By Lauren Boston, NAA's Staff Writer and Manager of Public Relations. She can be reached by email or at 703-797-0678.