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How Long Should a Pool Heater Last?

A feature story in this month's UNITS magazine notes that more and more apartment owners are considering swimming pool heaters as a great addition to their amenity offerings. A pool heater can help to extend the swimming season in many markets, while a spa can be touted in an apartment community's marketing outreach as a healthy perk to prospective residents.

Commercial-grade pool heaters typically cost between $2,000 and $5,000 and come with minimum two-year warranties. It should be noted, though, that corrosion or scale on heater surfaces are a couple of conditions not covered by pool heater warranties. Both can cause premature equipment failure. If taken care of properly, however, these pieces of equipment should last a decade or more. 

A couple of measurements are extremely important to heater longevity -- "Total Alkalinity" and "Calcium Hardness." Both tests should be conducted on a weekly basis and maintained in specified ratios with pH, while factoring in the number of people who are swimming and the temperature of the water. Gas is still the most commonly used heating method. As a result, apartment owners and managers must be aware of the exhaust and carbon monoxide that is linked with combustion heating. In addition, it is vital that proper venting be observed and maintained at all times of operation. 

Finally, the article's authors write: "It must be ensured that the heater has enough free air to produce a good flame." Lack of a solid flame will result in inefficient, more costly heater operation.

For the full story, check out the July issue of UNITS Magazine

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