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3 Tips to Help Property Managers Get More Done

In the busy spring season, advance planning and electronic procurement can make maintenance teams more efficient.

As much of the country shakes off the winter doldrums, multifamily property managers are doing all they can to stay ahead of the game.

Not only does the spring season bring a lengthy list of preventive maintenance tasks to tackle, but spring is also the high season for move-outs and move-ins. That means more time will be spent on inspections, turnover maintenance and background checks.

Spring is also the optimal time to renovate apartment homes, given the high turnover of units. This means additional time devoted to sourcing, ordering and installing new flooring, appliances, fixtures, fans, lighting or other unit items to be upgraded.

How can property managers and maintenance teams work even more efficiently so they can stay on top of all these activities? The following three tips can help everyone manage their time better in these busy months.

Use past data to plan task management.

Using work order software and turnover data, review last year’s workload at this time. This will help staff prepare for the preventive maintenance and turnover tasks the spring season regularly brings. Having a sense of what’s to come, and breaking down those tasks into specific hours in the days and weeks ahead, will make the workload more manageable.

Stock up on what you know you’ll need.

“Property manager clients tell us that trips to the store are one of the biggest time constraints for the foreman,” says Brittany Coyle, business development manager with Lowe’s. For routine spring maintenance tasks — such as changing filters, checking HVAC, changing batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and landscaping — property managers know what they need ahead of time and can order these items online, eliminating trips to the store. “ allows for property managers to order online and have the store pick all the items and parcel or direct deliver from the store,” Coyle says. If items are needed that same day, they will be ready for pickup at the front of the store as soon as 1 hour.

Create custom catalogs to simplify ordering.

Make online ordering even faster by creating a custom catalog of the most-used items at “Whether properties need MRO supplies or renovation supplies, they can create multiple catalogs that house these products,” Coyle says. “The properties are then a couple clicks away from completing their spring renovation orders, and they simply sit back and wait for the items to be delivered.” also allows property managers or owners to designate authorized purchasers as well as spending limits within each account. 

“Lowe’s is excited to be able to provide multi-family customers with an online platform,” Coyle says. “We have gotten wonderful feedback from clients looking for their own custom catalogs and multiple delivery options, and most of all, they like that the store does the work for them.”

Working efficiently is always important, but it’s particularly critical in the busy spring months. Planning ahead and taking advantage of electronic procurement can help everyone stay on task.


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