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New Stovetop Technology to Reduce Fire Risk

Coming soon: All new electric stovetops will come with a built-in sensor that will shut off burners before they reach the temperature at which grease catches fire.

This new shut-off capability comes courtesy of researchers at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and will be a standard feature on all new electric stovetops soon (the date is still to be determined). According to NFPA data, two-thirds of stovetop fires occur when food or cookware catches fire, resulting in annual property damage of $853 million.

With funding from National Institute of Standards and Technology, NFPA’s Fire Protection Research Foundation worked with the cooking, appliance and insurance industries and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine the precise shut-off moment. The research took into account different cooking oils and pan materials and sizes. 

Current shut-off technology options, such as motion sensors to turn off unattended stoves, are available as retrofits but do not come built into new stovetops. Electric coil cooktops that are already in use will not have to be retrofitted with this new shut-off technology.