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Preventive Maintenance Time Is Now

What’s on this Miami area property management pro’s springtime preventive maintenance list?

Right about now, Alex Saillant is shifting into high gear. 

That’s because Saillant, director of residential construction and property maintenance for Graham Residential, oversees eight apartment communities with more than 1,800 units in Miami Lakes, Florida. And springtime is the busy season.

Each spring, Saillant and his crew of more than 40 run through their checklist of interior and exterior preventive maintenance tasks to ensure that small issues don’t balloon into big problems. Also, by addressing issues now, they make sure the communities are in top shape for June and July, the peak turnover months for the communities Saillant oversees.

And because Saillant is in Miami, like other property managers in the South, he has his eye on getting certain things done by May 31, the beginning of another important season.

“For me, the spring is the beginning of hurricane preparedness,” Saillant says. Having gone through multiple hurricanes in his almost 25-year career, including Category 5 Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the destructive Hurricane Wilma in 2005, Saillant knows the springtime preparation drill.

The Spring Checklist

Saillant and his team are focused on preventive maintenance all year, but every spring , they address the following tasks:
•    Replace HVAC filters
•    Flush condensate lines
•    Check and repair balcony railings
•    Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors
•    Replace torn screens
•    Clean dry wells and storm drains

Tidying up the landscaping is on every property manager’s spring to-do list, but for Saillant and others in hurricane country, tree trimming is particularly critical. He just finished walking through each community’s common areas with his landscaping vendor to go over what needs to be done.

His landscapers will be pruning trees, weeding, mulching, planting, clearing flat roofs of debris and spraying for bugs. This year, the South Florida winter was unusually rainy, so the landscapers are busy dealing with overwatered sod and plants and increased weeds and bugs.

Finally, each spring, Saillant and his staff revisit the hurricane plan, making sure they have all the supplies and tools they will need if they get hit. Saillant also checks that all vendors and contractors have their insurance and required paperwork in order.

Lowe's Makes Life Easier

Whatever Saillant and his team need during these busy spring months, they find at Lowe's. At, property managers can create their own catalogs so they can instantly find the items they order the most — from plumbing parts to cleaning supplies to appliances and more — and then quickly check out.

Beyond his springtime checklist, Saillant is also working with his Lowe's sales representative on a large appliance order right now. Graham Residential is adding more than 400 units within the next year or so, and Saillant knows from experience that leaving appliance orders to the end can lead to delivery issues. So he’s getting a jump on it to streamline the process.

Saillant appreciates the easy ordering process at Using their smartphones, his crew members can order exactly what they need when they see they need it. They can have it delivered or ready for in-store pickup, eliminating unnecessary shopping time during this busy time.

In the end, Saillant’s rationale for going with Lowe's is simple: “Lowe's offers extremely competitive pricing, and it has the products we need.” Hard to argue with that.


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