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One-Stop Shopping

From both a product and a service perspective, The Home Depot helps property managers keep apartment communities in top shape.

For apartment-community managers and owners, the clock is always ticking. 

When a resident’s refrigerator breaks, it needs to be fixed or replaced ASAP. And when residents move out, units need to be painted, cleaned, repaired and maybe updated — often in a matter of days. Having a go-to partner for the spectrum of apartment-community maintenance needs is critical.

With its national footprint and partnerships with several e-procurement platforms, The Home Depot meets apartment communities’ product and service needs in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Here’s how:

Wide variety of products in one place. The Home Depot offers the products that community managers need, when they need them. Paint, flooring, lighting, countertops, appliances, cleaning supplies and much more are available online, directly from the local store or via special order. This huge selection is generally available for same-day pickup or next-day delivery, so no time is lost. Scott Matthews, director of strategic accounts at The Home Depot, notes that the company’s appliance program is increasingly popular with community managers. “We’re able to supply property management with the solution that takes care of one turn or a rehab of 300 units,” Matthews says. “We can supply that scalable to their level.” 

Service and maintenance options. The Home Depot isn’t just the solution for community managers’ product needs; it also offers installation and other helpful services. Specifically, The Home Depot offers maintenance and replacement plans for HVAC systems and water heaters, an installation program for flooring, and a complete appliance program that covers installation and disposal of the old appliances. In addition, The Home Depot can determine if an appliance qualifies for a rebate from the local utility company, further boosting cost savings.  

Low costs, from products to invoice processing. “We offer the best price and a 2 percent rebate to all NAA members,” Matthews says. In addition, now that The Home Depot is compliant on almost all ERP systems, the processing cost per invoice has dropped dramatically — from $25 to $8 per invoice, according to what property-management companies have told Matthews. On an annual basis, that adds up. “That’s a huge savings to them,” Matthew says. “Before, they would have to take receipts, send them in, and have someone program them into the system.” 

Efficient, compliant procurement across multiple systems. “Whatever ERP system the property is on, we can connect,” Matthews says. “We didn’t know this going in, but a lot of property management companies have properties on multiple systems. They may purchase a property and it uses Yardi, and some others already use Nexus. We’re able to integrate with all of them. They can use our data and acquire products through the ERP systems of their choice. That’s been a big win.” Customers can also reference past purchases to ensure they are purchasing the same make and model. 

In addition, The Home Depot can provide dedicated account support, making it easier for customers to fulfill and track their orders. “We have everything under one contract,” Matthews says. “That makes it really efficient.”

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