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Landscaping Tips for Fall

No matter what area of the country you are in, fall is a good time to prep your outdoor space for the months and years to come. 

Have you been thinking about adding trees or some shrubs to the community’s outdoor area? Fall is the best time to get them in the ground. The soil is still warm enough to encourage the roots to grow, but not too hot to dehydrate them. Water new plantings once a week if nature doesn’t do it for you; the soil should be moist, but not water-logged.

Fall leaves can be pretty on the trees — and an annoyance on the ground. Put leaves to work by shredding them and adding them to soil. Put them over beds and around trees and other plants — particularly new plantings. Shredded leaves break down quickly, nourishing the ground they are on and serving as a do-it-yourself mulch.

For a treat in spring, plant bulbs now. Nothing signals the new season like daffodils, tulips and irises — and they come back year after year. Now’s also the time to get other perennial plants in the ground. The effort will be well worth it when the outdoor area is awash in color in just a few months.