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What’s Hot in Kitchen Renovations?

A snazzy kitchen is always going to be a head-turner. Even people who don’t cook much like this space to look updated and well-designed.

Here are five current kitchen trends, according to Miranda Crace, publisher of home, money and life blog Zing! by Quicken Loans

Brass is back. Change out the cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures for an easy updated kitchen look. Consider using old-fashioned brass in modern styles.

White and gray palette. Gray countertops and white cabinets are where it’s at right now. Or go with gray-stained cabinets and a white countertop. 

Basic with a flourish. Simple but stylish is always in. For example, consider using white subway tiles for a backsplash, but in an angled pattern for added flair.

Quartz countertops. Granite had a good run, but quartz is now the go-to countertop material. Like granite, quartz is stain- and heat-resistant.

Open shelving. Storing beautiful dishes, cookware and glassware out in the open can give the kitchen more visual interest and offer increased storage capacity—win-win!