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Gun Law Has Ill. Apartment Owners Looking for Cover

Digested From “Conceal Carry Law Leaves Landlords Without Much Ammunition: Brown”
Chicago Sun-Times (03/02/14) Brown, Mark

Illinois' new conceal carry law is now in effect, allowing private property owners to prohibit handguns on their premises. However, apartment owners and managers in the Chicago metro area and elsewhere in the state are trying to figure out how to deal with the prospect of residents and visitors legally toting guns. Many are asking: "Can we ban guns entirely from our buildings or only in common areas such as rooftop sun decks and on-site laundry rooms?" 

Illinois is the last state to adopt a conceal carry law, but the particulars in this case make comparisons difficult. Lawyer Jessica Ryan says it will require litigation to resolve many of the issues raised by the new law, including whether apartment residents have the right to keep handguns in their rental units. Gun rights supporters have already taken the position that apartment owners and managers should not be permitted to prohibit those who rent from keeping a legal firearm for self-defense, the same as homeowners. Titan Security's vice president of operations Mark Kexel recommends that all apartment owners craft a detailed policy addressing this matter and inform residents in writing. 

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