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5 Easy-to-Implement Operations Tips from NAA Connect

Multifamily housing professionals are quickly learning that NAA Connect is the place to be for industry discussions, collaboration and even document sharing. Here are five pieces of operations advice shared recently on NAA Connect that are easy to implement in your community. 

1. Try searching for your community in the ways a prospect would look for you. 

As NAA member Lauren Curley, Marketing Director at Landmark Property Services, discovered recently, apartment hunting is not easy—even for the professionals. After her husband’s new job necessitated a family relocation, she told the NAA Connect Marketing Community, “What I discovered is that renting an apartment is a lot more difficult than I remember.”

Curley shared her experience with other members of the NAA Connect Marketing Community, along with some of the insights she took away to help boost her community’s marketing efforts, including:

    • Search for your community as though you are a prospect trying to find an apartment. 
    • If a prospective resident contacts you through an ILS, assume they’ve seen your general information and tell them about what they won’t find online.  

For the full story and to ask questions about ways to improve your community’s marketing, join the conversation in the NAA Connect Marketing Community

2. Don’t forget your laundry room is an amenity!

Washers and dryers are some of the most searched amenities by prospective residents, but so many community laundry rooms feel like a dungeon. Treat it like the amenity it is! 

Some of the suggestions included the basics like cleaning between and behind the machines. Other ideas were decidedly more upscale, including placing a television and couch in the laundry room. Adding video games for resident use and popular magazines to the laundry room were some other ideas offered to make doing laundry a more pleasant chore. For other ideas to make your laundry room a more inviting space, join the conversation in the NAA Connect Property Managers Community, and share what you’re doing in yours!

3. There are about a thousand different (and cheap!) ways to hold a resident event. 

Next time you’re planning a new and fresh resident event, check out the conversation on this topic in the NAA Connect Property Managers Community. Facebook Bingo anyone? Cornhole? What about a chili cook-off competition? For more ideas, or to add your own, join the conversation

4. Don’t underestimate the power of the small details to stand out in someone’s memory.

Susan Whittenton, Regional Manager for Apartment Dynamics, told the NAA Connect Marketing Community that she’s found a cheap and easy way to stand out in the crowd: “For those of us leasing in highly competitive markets, I’ve found that a simple $1.50 investment can really make the difference.” 

Whittenton purchases travel-size hand sanitizers and attaches note cards playing off the scent of the sanitizer. Sayings such as “Life is sweeter at Windtree Apartments” for a sweet-pea scented sanitizer.

5. For any doubters out there… social media works. 

One simple question posted to the NAA Connect Property Managers Community: “Is social media helpful or does it attract people looking to complain?”

The community responded with the unanimous answer, “Yes!” 

Find out all of the reasons why, and the “Do” list of social media action plans--including, “Do have a strategy”--in the NAA Connect Property Managers Community. And remember to add your own tips!


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