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Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Options Set to Expand

Digested From “Eco-Friendly Refrigerants Set to Expand”
Buildings (06/27/14)

Apartment property managers should take note that their HVAC units and refrigeration equipment may soon have new climate-friendly refrigerant options. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed increasing the options for refrigerants and technologies that do not harm the ozone layer. The EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program identifies and approves climate-friendly chemicals under the authority of the Clean Air Act. It would approve new alternatives with low global warming potential to replace ozone-depleting substances and hydrofluorocarbons with high global warming potential.  

Five applications would be able to utilize the new hydrocarbon refrigerants, including: standalone refrigerators and freezers; very low temperature refrigeration; non-mechanical heat transfer; vending machines, and, finally, room air conditioning units. Additionally, the proposal would add one new refrigerant that has 33 percent of the global warming potential of conventional refrigerants for room AC units. The refrigerants in the proposal are already in use in a large number of these applications throughout Asia and Europe. EPA officials will accept comment on the proposal for 60 days after its publication in the Federal Register.

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