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Boomerang Employees Are On the Rise

Managers are more open to hiring former employees than they used to be.

Nearly two-thirds of managers say they are more open to hiring former employees now than they were five years ago. And 40 percent of employees say they would consider working again for a former employer.

This concept of “boomeranging” is gradually taking root in the workplace as employers compete for top talent and workers leave companies more frequently. Recruiting, hiring and training new personnel takes a lot of money and time — but if an employee is already familiar with the company’s practices, costs decrease.

Twenty percent of those who leave a company do so for personal reasons, such as raising children or attending graduate school, rather than for issues at the company. Employees who return to a previous company often left it in the first place to try something new after a long tenure or to gain new skills, qualifying them for more senior positions.

Only 15 percent of employees have gone back to work for a former employer. But as relationships between past employees and employers grow friendlier, that percent may increase.

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