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Sex! Now That We’ve Got Your Attention...

Three Hot Topics to Get You Thinking, From the NAA Marketing Community

Whether you’re stuck in a rut and need some new ideas, or want to gauge the opinions of other experts, multifamily housing professionals are turning to the NAA Marketing Community on NAA Connect for help. 

Here are three questions and ideas shared recently to get your brain working:

1. Does sex sell apartments? (It did get you to read this far)

After Lime Apartments, based in Minneapolis recently made headlines with their new marketing campaign featuring suggestive advertising lines such as, “Tarts Welcome” and, “I don’t remember her name… but her apartment …”

“How edgy is too edgy,” asked Lauren Curley, Marketing Director for Landmark Property Services, to the NAA Marketing Community on NAA Connect. 

For the most part, members of the NAA Marketing Community agreed that while campaigns like “Tarts” might be unconventional and eye-catching, they would not go over well in their respective markets. 

“There are other ways to catch the attention of people in this [demographic] that are much less likely to offend (and I think there is a high chance for offense in the ‘using sex’ route—which means chasing away potential customers)” said Meagan Walker, a Leasing Consultant at Chamber Ridge Apartment Homes in Carrboro, N.C. “I’ve had a great response to Craigslist ads that make some sort of pop culture reference. For example, a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ ad that advertised our great storage capability… resulted in way ‘above’ average traffic.”

Curley, the original poster, decided to test sexier Craigslist ads in her market. “We are using edgier titles… and then offsetting it with a ‘joke’ within the body of the ad,” she says. 

One specific ad they tested contained the phrase, “You can ride it,” to grab the attention of Craigslist prospects. In the body of the ad it says, “…the bus stops right outside our door. What did you think we meant?”

The results? One community in which Curley tested these ads saw a 29 percent increase in phone calls from Craigslist ads using the edgier model. 

For more of the pros and cons to this marketing angle, join the full conversation today. 

2. Leverage the Selfie Photo Trend as a Marketing Tool 

You may be tired of seeing “selfie” photos splattered throughout the Internet, but chances are, you still have some time before the fad fades out. In the meantime, use it to your marketing advantage, says Mary Gwyn, Chief Innovator with Apartment Dynamics. 

Gwyn posted the idea to the NAA Marketing Community some ways to do this including:

      • Feature a special display in your clubhouse and invite people to enter a contest where they upload their selfie onto your community social networking page to enter to win a prize. 
      • Give a theme to the special display, like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and use this at a themed resident event. 
      • Have something memorable ready to be seen during model tours and encourage prospects to do a memorable selfie there. 

Whatever you do, be sure to follow two simple rules, Gwyn says. First, have a destination, like Facebook or Instagram so that it’s easy for the resident or prospect to share their photo. Second, get written consent if you are planning to share the photos yourself. 

“If the prospect or residents posts it, you may not need to, since it’s self-generated content; however, if they’re entering a contest, it’s easy to go the extra step get consent that it’s OK to use the photo elsewhere,” said Gwyn. 

Are you using selfie photos as a marketing trend? Join the conversation and share what you’re doing! 

3. Is Email Dead? 

Some days you may wish email was dead, but it is still a necessary tool for marketing and resident communications. Members of the NAA Marketing Community recently shared tips to make you’re your emails are being used effectively.

“Email marketing is not dead, but it has been overused. People are becoming more and more inundated with emails,” said Ann Padgett, Creative Director of Resite Online. “You need to consider mobile factors. I know much of my email is opened on my iPhone or iPad. So be considerate of screen size and load times.”

Using the right mail provider for your needs is also an important factor to consider, according to the conversation. Some popular mail providers discussed are free to use, and others charge based on the amount of emails you send. 

Do you need some insider scoop on the most loved email providers of the NAA Marketing Community? Login and join the conversation to find out! 

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