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Top Decor Styles By City

Digested from “What Decor Style is Tops in Your City?”
Apartment Therapy

Decor often varies by region — in part because of surroundings, but also just because of personal tastes. For example, residents of Greensboro, N.C., prefer stars, while inhabitants of Arlington, Va., prefer stripes. Such preferences can help influence how apartment communities decorate common areas or stage model apartment homes. How does your region stack up?

Spoonflower, a fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap retailer, analyzed its recent sales data to determine what patterns were most popular in various U.S. cities. Popular designs ranged from geometric patterns — such as plaid (a favorite in Columbus, Ohio) and Native American (trendy in San Diego and Oklahoma City) prints — to more romantic motifs — such as Victorian florals (Berkeley, Calif., is a fan) and toile (well-liked in nearby San Jose).

Surprising discoveries included a penchant for zombie prints in Houston, panda and rabbit images in Orlando, and hipster deer in Washington, D.C.

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