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Three Hurricane Preparedness Precautions for Apartment Communities

Digested from “Six Tips to Financially Prepare for a Hurricane”
Property Management Insider (10/13/15) Blackwell, Tim

Property damage related to hurricanes in both coastal and inland areas can take a toll, so it’s important to take precautions. Weatherproofing windows and doors is one way, but there are other, less tangible projects that apartment community managers should take into account as well.

First, review insurance policies each year to see what they cover. Consider adding flood insurance, if it is not included, to protect financially against damage related to things such as heavy rainfall. 

Second, take stock of all elements of the property and store the documentation in a safe location. This will help with insurance claims. But make sure any repair work is performed by legitimate businesses, as scams are prevalent after a storm.

Third, be ready for evacuations and power outages by fueling up cars, pulling out cash and charging electronic devices.   

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