7 Tips to Making Smart Decisions

Digested from “How Successful People Make Smart Decisions”
Forbes (10/7/15) Bradberry, Travis

People make around 70 decisions a day. These tips can help you manage most of the choices you must make, such as prioritizing larger issues and asking for help when appropriate.

  1. Simplify your wardrobe. It sounds silly, but selecting what to wear is one less decision you have to make.
  2. Set aside mornings for major decision-making. Avoid distractions when facing complicated or arduous tasks by tackling them first and keeping simple choices for later in the day.
  3. Establish standard criteria. This will help you weigh your decisions more objectively. Pay attention to your emotions, as well; they can affect how you handle a situation.
  4. Take your time — but not too much time. You don’t want to rush into decisions, but too much analysis also can be a downfall. Collect as much information as you can right away, and set a deadline by which to decide.
  5. Exercise. Take 30 minutes out of your day to recharge and regain mental clarity, and prevent stress-based cortisol from taking over your selection process.   
  6. Ask for opinions. Solicit another perspective to make sure you’re not making a biased decision.
  7. Trust your gut. Your moral code is one of your best guides, even in the face of conflicting emotions.

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