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Will Facebook Finally Release a 'Dislike' Button?

Digested from “What’s New in Social: Facebook’s Dislike Button”
Property Management Insiders (9/18/15) Mendes, Leah, and Smith, Jade

Facebook fans have been requesting a “dislike” button for years. Now the company will finally begin testing the feature, which will allow a greater range of emotions on personal pages on the social media platform. Founder Mark Zuckerberg noted that the company has been reluctant to introduce a thumbs-down option to avoid situations in which users might experience negativity while sharing important moments. There's no word on whether the feature will also be available for posts by pages.

Other social media updates include a new app from LinkedIn to help users more effectively locate colleagues' and connections' skill sets and backgrounds, a replay feature for SnapChat and Pinterest’s attainment of 100 million-plus monthly users.  

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