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3 Tips to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger

Digested from “Our Best Tips & Inspiration for Dealing with Low Ceilings”
Apartment Therapy

Older apartment communities are ripe for retrofits, such as using outdated space and updating fixtures. If those aren't options, interior design techniques can help bridge the gap to make apartment communities look more spacious and welcoming.

Give the illusion of more space in areas with shorter ceilings by incorporating the following tricks:
• Use bright white paint in the same sheen on both walls and ceilings so the transition is harder to distinguish. 
• Draw eyes upward with vertical design elements, such as tall bookcases, floor-to-ceiling curtains, and gallery walls of art, photos and decor. Use clusters of shorter furniture to make more wall space visible and prominent.
• Emphasize stronger features in the space, such as the width or length of the room, to make it seem larger and more inviting.

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