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Should Over-Income Residents Be Allowed to Stay in Subsidized Housing?

Digested from “Public housing officials blast Obama administration’s move to oust wealthier tenants from subsidized homes”
The Washington Post (8/27/15) Rein, Lisa

A public-housing authorities organization has written a letter to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regarding its plans to evict over-income residents from low-income apartment communities. The group claims that having wealthier residents helps provide additional income to cover the gap in subsidies and serves as examples of self-sufficiency to other residents.

The letter also states that the audit on which the decision is based is flawed and that the move is contrary to the mission of HUD, which initially combated the claims of the audit before it was made public and had taken a stance similar to the one the public-housing authorities organization is taking.

Although HUD can encourage authorities to evict over-income residents, laws do not allow residents to be removed based solely on income, so authorities do not have to comply with HUD’s request.   

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