How to Make Millennials Happier at Work

Digested from “Why Millennials love their pets more than their jobs”
Human Resources (8/28/15) Dewan, Akankasha

Only 13 percent of millennials say that their jobs make them happy, but 65 percent state that their jobs are a critical component of their happiness. In other words, millennials feel their jobs are important but may need rewards or incentives to truly be happy at work. 

Millennials cite prepaid cards and retailer gift cards, personal emails from colleagues and/or managers, company recognition and company swag as top ways to reward a job well done. Increased job satisfaction through such gifts and acknowledgement may also help prevent millennial employees from becoming one of the many who plan to switch jobs next year. 

Jobs ranked 10th among 12 happiness factors in this study, which found that family, friends and hobbies are most important to millennials’ happiness.

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