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HUD Reviews Public Housing Policies After Audit Finds Abuses

Digested from “After criticism, HUD says it’s trying to give the boot to public housing families who earn too much money”
The Washington Post (8/19/15) Rein, Lisa

Following reports of abuses, in which more than 25,000 families making more than the 2014 eligible income limits were still residing in affordable housing developments, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is considering development of legislation to provide authorities with the power to evict those residents from their properties.

HUD had initially been reluctant to push such residents out, as the agency was concerned that threatening eviction if residents improve their economic circumstances could send the wrong message. But the agency shifted gears as news of the audit broke and instead decided to focus on making sure those who need housing assistance are receiving it.

HUD is currently reviewing policies to provide guidance on higher-income residents, most who have been living in public housing for two years or less. Right now, there are no provisions in place to remove such residents unless they are deemed to be bad tenants. New language to existing regulations would encourage apartment community owners to get higher-income residents to surrender their apartment homes, while potential legislation could provide authority for actual eviction. 

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