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Have You Tried to Execute Community Events on a Smaller Scale?

Digested from "Bigger Isn't Always Better—Can Small Events Lead to a Stronger Sense of Community?"
Multifamily Insiders (8/10/15) Williams, Brent

It's easy to get lost in the mix at a large apartment community event, when residents are few of the many in attendance. But smaller, more intimate gatherings—similar to those craved by residents of the up-and-coming communal living communities—allow a greater opportunity to get to know more neighbors. 

One way to create an instant connection between residents is to have more activity-based events, such as problem-solving dilemmas or trust-building exercises. These more outside-the-box activities require participants to immediately engage one another, rather than allowing them to linger around a pool, and get to know each other better over the course of the task.  

Another option is to host events based on apartment community tenure. Segmented events allow organizers to better use their budgets for more benefit-driven events that allow a more targeted group of residents to get to know each other better and enjoy the rewards of being with an apartment community in the longer term.

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