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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Are Playing a Greater Role in Housing Regulations and Demand

Digested from “Fair Housing Hot Topics: As Our World Changes, So Does Application of the Laws”
Property Management Insider (6/18/15) Blackwell, Tim

Complaints of discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity are on the rise, and federal enforcement of Fair Housing laws--which could also extend to those two groups-- has increased. It's important for owners  and managers of all housing types to be aware of potential compliance issues. 

One area of concern is shared bathrooms. Although affordable housing providers can ask residents about sexual orientation and gender identity, they run the risk of noncompliance by restricting residents based on these criteria.

Also, home prices in certain LGBT neighborhoods are outperforming those in surrounding metro areas. “The Gayborhood Phenomenon,” as this trend has been dubbed, signals a move away from marginalization and toward desirability.  

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