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NAA Industry Insider: Downtown Development Taking Off


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  //   May 5, 2015

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Central Business District
Lead Story
Downtown Apartment Construction on the Rise
More multifamily housing is coming to central business districts as cities incentivize such development and renters seek to be near workplaces and public transportation.
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Realtor University

Top Stories

Patterson Mansion

D.C. Apartments to Offer Communal Atmosphere
Three new apartment communities being developed in the D.C. area will offer young professionals studio apartments with communal living and dining areas and community activities.
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William Sonoma

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West Elm: Inspire your audience with a premium model-home experience
The key to leasing an apartment is making prospective tenants feel at home. Our stylists can work with you to decorate any space, from common areas to complete model homes.
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Female Bosses

Leadership Research
New research shows that once a female senior leader is hired, the chances that another woman will move into the top ranks drops by 50 percent. Why does this happen and what can be done about it?
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NAA Education Conference


rent growth
Average Rents Increase in April
According to Yardi Systems’ April 2015 Matrix Monthly, the national average multifamily monthly rent increased from March to April and year over year. Find out by how much and which metro areas are driving this growth.
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Open Door

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Robust Savings on Products and Services You Use Every Day. Yours Exclusively From NAA
Putting you in touch with excellence and reliability at a reasonable price-that's what Open Door is all about. That and the purchasing power of 67,000 NAA members buying as one.
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Market Trends
Phoenix Rising
Apartment vacancies in Phoenix have reached their lowest level in two decades, and, correspondingly, rents are rising. What does the city’s future supply and demand look like?
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Investors Eyeing Apartments Near Major Employers
A recent Los Angeles property deal showcases investors’ growing interest in apartment communities located near employment hubs. Investors and developers are betting on mobile populations wanting to live close to where they work.
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market trends
Memphis Multifamily Development Taking Off
Strong job growth and increasing rents are making Memphis a good multifamily development bet. In April, Financial Federal Bank provided financing to construct, purchase or finance three multifamily-housing communities.
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Philip Livingston
Historic School Becomes Seniors Community
The Philip Livingston Magnet Academy, a former middle school built in the early 1930s in Albany, New York, has been converted into a senior living community that provides affordable housing.
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NAA Announcements
We're Ready to Learn, Connect and Grow ... Are You?
More than 8,000 industry professionals from across the country will be attending the 2015 NAA Education Conference & Exposition, June 24-27 in Las Vegas. The conference provides you with the opportunity to make valuable connections that will power your career for years to come, but that’s not all. World-renowned speakers, 65 education sessions, and an exposition filled with helpful products and services await you, so register today.
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Take Your Career to the Next Level
NAAEI has partnered with Dale Carnegie Training to deliver the NAAEI Leadership Experience on May 13-14 in Austin, Texas, and October 14-15 in Denver. Customized for the apartment industry, the NAAEI Leadership Experience focuses on developing personal leadership; building trust, credibility and respect; communicating to lead; and other critical leadership tasks.
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Your Free Gift Awaits: Participate in the 2015 NAA Income and Expenses Survey!
Participate in the 2015 NAA Survey of Income and Expenses in Rental Apartment Communities, and you will receive a free final report of the survey. The report — a $625 value — provides helpful budgeting and benchmarking data, local and national market analyses and much more.
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New Economic Impact Findings Reveal Apartment Industry's Growing Influence
New economic impact data show that apartments and their residents contribute $1.3 trillion to the national economy. View the good news firsthand at the newly revamped NAA/NMHC website, Explore how many jobs and what kind of economic impact apartments support in your congressional district, state or in the 40 metro areas.
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