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NYC Renter Evicted for Profiting From Airbnb

Digested from “Landlords planning more evictions after Airbnb ruling”
New York Post (2/21/15) Marsh, Julia

In mid-February, the New York City Housing Court evicted a tenant who was renting out his rent-stabilized apartment on Airbnb. 

Housing Court Judge Jack Stoller ruled that profiting from using a residential apartment as a hotel room undermines the Rent Stabilization Code. Therefore, Stoller ruled that the Hell’s Kitchen renter who was doing so be evicted. The tenant listed his $6,670-a-month rent-stabilized penthouse unit (whose market price is $9,000-plus) for $649 a night on Airbnb.

A number of elected officials and housing advocates have applauded the ruling, and the lawyer who won the case said he is fielding numerous calls and emails from other city landlords who also want to fight this practice in court.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman estimates that more than 75 percent of New York City’s Airbnb listings are illegal. 

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