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Seeing Benchmarks? Let NAA be Your Guide

The key to understanding the competition resides within the results of the 26th annual NAA Survey of Operating Income and Expenses in Rental Apartment Communities, now available from NAA. 

The Survey of Operating Income and Expenses in Rental Apartment Communities presents data from garden and mid-rise/high-rise properties, and is further segmented by individually metered and master-metered utilities. Survey data is presented in three forms: Dollars per unit, dollars per square foot of rentable area and as a percentage of gross potential rent (GPR). The survey includes an executive summary, detailed data, reports and charts about rental communities. A total of 3,698 properties containing 966,296 units is represented in this year’s report. Data was reported for 3,366 market-rent properties containing 906,562 units and 332 subsidized properties containing 59,734 units. Data for the 2014 survey is based on data for fiscal year 2013. 

Read the Executive Summary, and visit the NAA Bookstore to purchase the full survey report and individual market data. 


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