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Working from Home? 'Boomers' Say 'No'

Digested from “Why baby boomers don’t like to work from home”
MarketWatch (2/3/15) Fottrell, Quentin 

Flexible work schedules continue to survey favorably among most employees in most industries.

However, Baby Boomers is the demographic least willing to participate.
 A mere 3 percent of boomers work from home, according to a survey released last week by, a research and advisory firm for HR professionals.

While 62 percent of Millennials and 35 percent of Generation Xers participate in such programs, which tout improved office satisfaction among other benefits, “Boomers were raised with a different mindset,” says Piera Palazzolo, senior vice president for marketing at Dale Carnegie Training. “We were taught not to ask personal questions and to have boundaries at work.”

And Boomers tend to occupy more senior and management roles, so they’re often in the office longer and need to be there in person, adds Dan Schawbel, founder of

Unlike Boomers, younger workers are more likely to treat their smartphones as their office, says Palazzolo. These lines between the professional and personal are blurred for Millennials, she adds.

The survey showed that 71 percent of offices that offer flexible work arrangements actually found that productivity increased as a result of the programs, and 65 percent reported that the programs helped them retain current talent.

According to the survey, 42 percent of employers fear that their employees will abuse the work-from-home policy by pretending to work when they’re not. 

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