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Hyperlocal and Digital Branding Tactics Boost Lease-Up Efforts

Digested from “Constant Lease-Up: The New Reality of Apartment Internet Marketing”

Branding for lease-ups is less about the company and more about connecting with the local neighborhood, according to Dana Pate, director of marketing for Matrix Residential. For a lease-up to be successful, there needs to be an immediate connection with the community, which will affect how the property might be positioned.

Case in point: Matrix Residential recently launched two properties within 15 minutes of each other, but each community targeted a different demographic: one luxury, one urban.  

Part of the success of these launches was the use of digital marketing tactics. The groups targeted by Matrix are more likely to consult their smartphones than a print pamphlet for new communities in the area, so the company needs to be where its potential residents are. That includes not only being present on digital platforms but also analyzing the data provided to continue to adapt and improve.

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