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The Extinction of the Bedbug?

Pest problems may become a thing of the past — at least when it comes to bedbugs — thanks to new research from Simon Freer University on helpful ways to detect and contain such issues. 

Researchers at the university have discovered a pheromone bait, comprising five volatile components and one less-volatile component, to capture the troublesome pests. Apartment-community managers can use the safe, easily disposable lures to check for bedbug infestation as well as eliminate them from the premises.

The university’s five-year study stems from a global bedbug resurgence over the past 15 years, following a lengthy period of dormancy that resulted from improvements in insecticides. Bedbug bites result in potentially severe dermal reactions, emotional distress and paranoia, and emergency-room visits in the United States soared from 21 to 15,945 during the first decade of the 21st century. 

Based on the study results, the research team hopes to bring a bait and trap to market in the coming year to provide an affordable solution to this harmful pest issue.

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