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Students Start Searching for Off-Campus Housing Earlier

Digested From “Students Begin Off-Campus Housing Search Earlier Than in Past Years"
The Daily Orange (10/27/14) Norris, William 

High demand for housing that is more affordable is now motivating students at Syracuse University to begin searching for next year’s housing earlier than usual. This, in turn, is spurring competition between students trying to get the best housing and apartment owners out to persuade them that their community is the best one to fit their wants and needs. Ben Tupper of Tupper Property Management states that after students arrive back at school in August, many begin looking for next year's housing the following month. Some have even begun the process as early as late July, resulting in leases being signed way earlier than in past years. Ying Chen, a sophomore broadcast and digital journalism major at Syracuse, is among those who was surprised to discover how fast the leasing process moves. The transfer student from China has already signed a lease for next year.  

As the leasing season is swiftly coming and going, Tupper said students must begin searching prior to October despite how early that may seem. He remarked, "If you want to get a good place with a good landlord, that is when you have to start doing tours." He further urges students to ask plenty of questions when going on home and community tours. Finally, he added that knocking on doors and talking with residents will give a clearer picture of what living at a particular property is really like. "They will give you the real deal. They won't give you a sales pitch," he concluded.

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