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New Apartment Rating Program for SC Students

Digested From “Rate My Landlord Program Planned for USC Students”
The State (SC) (10/13/13) Cope, Cassie

The University of South Carolina's (USC's) Student Government is working to create a forum where students can help others by having a say about their experiences with off-campus housing by completing a "Rate My Landlord" survey. Students liken it to the popular website "Rate My Professor," only it is for apartments. With a crop of new student apartments planned for downtown Columbia, S.C., and many already in existence close to campus, the opportunity to rate on-site management is seen as a way to empower student residents and give them a say in influencing their living conditions. The program also gives students a chance to know how other students feel about where they live. Lindsay Richardson, the president pro tempore of USC's Student Government Senate, remarks, "Personally, I’m more apt to listen to my peers than I am to listen to an institution."  

Student Government is now distributing the surveys to students throughout the campus. Many of the survey's questions will be a ranking system. For instance, a question could read: "How functional are the appliances in your apartment?" The student could then choose from such options as “very good," "good," "neutral," "bad," and "very bad." The compilation of raw poll data will be tabulated and published to students in booklets and possibly via a link on the student government website. The survey is now in pilot mode to ensure that it is effective, easily understood, and can reflect broad student perspectives. Actual results could be released by the end of the current month.

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