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Orange Is the New Black Mark for R.I. Apt. Owners

Digested From “Providence Landlord Summoned Over 'Party Houses' in 'Orange Sticker' Campaign”
Providence Journal (01/05/14) Smith, Gregory

In Rhode Island, Providence officials have summoned Bob McCann to court for alleged violations of a law meant to rein in so-called "party houses." McCann, the Elmhurst neighborhood's biggest owner of off-campus student housing, is charged with a couple of civil violations of a city ordinance that holds residents, guests, and apartment owners responsible if they disturb the peace or tolerate a disturbance of the peace. McCann owns 100 multifamily homes in and around Elmhurst containing about 200 rental units filled with students from colleges and universities in the Providence metro area.  

Elmhurst is familiar to many people nationwide as the site of Providence College, a leading Catholic institution. But it has also garnered a reputation for student misbehavior off-campus, often by intoxicated students, that has included loud late-night parties, illegal consumption of alcohol off private property, fist fights, vandalism, and littering. City officials are in the midst of one of Providence's episodic crackdowns on such misbehavior, enforcing a newly tweaked law dubbed the "orange sticker ordinance." A half-dozen rental homes have been stickered in a campaign that started earlier this past fall. Modeled after ordinances in Narragansett and outside Rhode Island, the ordinance seeks to embarrass apartment owners and residents by authorizing the posting of garish orange public notices at troublesome addresses.

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