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Communications Project Requests

To submit your request, please fill out the form(s) below.

As a courtesy, please remember to check the staff calendar when setting your deadlines. Please also account time for the form approval before work can begin, which can be up to two working days.

NAA Communications staff cannot make edits to work that you have contracted (paid for) using outside design/marketing firms. If you are actively working with a contracter and need to make additional edits, you must have that firm or person make the changes.

Which Form Do I Use?

If you need something designed that is part of a larger project that has print and web components, please use the print request form. It is easier to translate print designs to the website. If you have questions, please contact Julie (Web) or Gillian (print) first to see how you should proceed. Frank handles the PowerPoint requests. Mary handles the Email requests and Google reports and can help you decide on what should be in the report.

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