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NAA Membership List Rentals

An exciting benefit for our National Suppliers Council members is having the opportunity to rent our NAA Membership List an unlimited number of times throughout the year. The NAA Membership List is comprised of approximately 60,000 multifamily professionals and is updated continuously. This premier list is ONLY available to National Supplier Council Members for an additional fee, and includes the full name, title, company and address of multifamily professionals. It does not include email addresses.

NAA protects the privacy of our members. Accordingly, mailing lists will only be sent to a third party bonded mail house and cannot be sent directly to NSC members. Rentals are for a one-time use only and require seven (7) days for processing.

On the NAA Membership List Rental form you will be asked to select the following information to reach your target demographics:

  • Member Type (by job description)
  • Geographic Region
  • Numbers of records requested


NAA Membership List Rental form

Once you download and complete the NAa Membership List Rental form, you may fax it to 703-248-9441 or email the form. If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is able rent the NAA Mailing list?

NAA National Suppliers Council Members. The mailing list rental is a benefit of NAA NSC membership.

2. Does the NAA mailing list rental include email addresses? 

The list rental is a mailing file only. Because we are a federation and our members originate from our affiliates, we do not have permissions on file to include email addresses.

3. When we rent, can we sort on the list?

Yes, we can sort by state, number of units, and job function.