Paint: The Easiest, Least Expensive Remodeling Fix

Having professionals involved in choices—what prep to undertake, what paints and stains to use and how much to buy—makes a difference in getting a job done right the first time.



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In the remodeling world, one of the most frequently shared tips is that painting an exterior or interior is among the easiest, least expensive changes that can bring big visual and physical rewards. 

The outside of a building painted properly conveys an immediate message that it has been well cared for. Painting offers the same message on the inside, whether in shared areas of a lobby, amenity space and hallway or in individual apartment units.

But a professional paint job does more. It protects surfaces from weather damage of storms, strong sunlight, insect decay and hard wear and tear that happens over time.

So, is it really a fast, inexpensive fix as many think? Yes, when compared to replacing an HVAC system, undertaking dozens of kitchen and bathroom remodels or installing a roof. 

But what looks simple—choosing a primer, paint or stain, palette and accessories such as brushes, rollers, drop cloths—is actually more complicated. Stronger decision-making as well as project quality is best handled by professionals who have years of experience and quality supplies.

Here’s where giant home improvement retailer Home Depot’s Pro Paint division saves the day. The Atlanta-based chain’s group focuses on professional customers—individual contractors as well as remodeling companies—that paint day in and day out.

Because work varies by climate, job scope and a building’s condition, the company has expanded its offerings. In addition, the economic climate and remodeling trends have made a difference in what multifamily customers need and what should be on store shelves and in distribution centers.  

At times, developers, property managers and the contractors they hire are watching their bottom lines more closely and may seek more affordable options that still perform well. Paint palettes also change, typically in sync, though lagging, what’s happening in the fashion world, so color choices are expanded and customized if desired. The environmental push of recent years has also made sustainable materials such as those with fewer VOCs more popular. And there are new technologies that permit better application and performance. This results in a longer-lasting, durable finish and requires fewer coats, ultimately saving the contractor time and money. 

The Home Depot’s paint team has knowledge to help. Moreover, The Home Depot associates work closely in partnership with the company’s main paint suppliers of Behr and PPG, who are experts in the paint industry, says Lainey Clark, Senior Director of Home Depot’s Pro Paint division. The Home Depot also carries brands from Rust-Oleum, 3M, Wooster and Graco for top-of-the-line paint supplies needed to complete a job. And it wants to be considered a one-stop shop, whether in a store or online so paint professionals don’t have to look elsewhere.

With remodeling costs still climbing, the company tries to make purchases more economical by offering its Pro Xtra Loyalty program, which lets members earn savings up to 20% off on paint stains and primers. “We offer job lot quantities and bulk savings on paint supplies, as well as preferred pricing to earn even more discounts, so the more that you buy you save,” says Clark.  

Because pros have become more pressed for time, fast delivery is another consideration, with same or next day delivery available, as well as the convenience to buy online or pick up in a store. In addition, past orders are saved and organized by job, so you have access to lifetime color and product history that can easily be reordered.

When questions arise, The Home Depot has dedicated paint supplier reps to help contractors or property managers with expert advice, including product recommendations or color services, Clark says.

3 Fast Paint Tips

  1. Neutrals remain popular but some properties seek stronger colors for an accent wall. Which ones are exciting but safe? Ask a Home Depot Pro Paint expert.
  2. Regional variations in taste still exist with palettes brighter in Florida and the Southwest where natural light is stronger than in the Northeast where tastes are also more conservative. What appeals most where? Ask a Home Depot Pro Paint expert. 
  3. Weather conditions are important to heed such as not working when it’s very cold or hot, rainy or humid since paint won’t hold as well. What other conditions dictate waiting? Ask a Home Depot Pro Paint expert.