Prior Authorization

Federal election law restricts the solicitation of individuals employed by corporate members of NAA. 

Political Action Committees (PACs) of corporate trade associations like NAA (which has corporate members, not individual members) must first receive permission from the company's NAA primary contact prior to soliciting a PAC contribution. Only an individual in the "restricted class" of an NAA member company whose company has given prior authorization is eligible to contribute to NAAPAC.

The "restricted class" of a member company is defined as "the company's executive and administrative personnel or their families." Executive and administrative personnel are paid on a salary and have policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities.

Before an individual in the "restricted class" can be asked to donate to NAAPAC, his or her company's NAA primary contact must have completed an NAAPAC Prior Authorization Form.

It is recommended that the NAAPAC Prior Authorization Form be circulated to all eligible members at least two times during the year. Many affiliates include this form in dues renewal information, and at events before a PAC fundraiser is organized.