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Operation Resource Library

Whether you need a refresher or want to dig deep into expanding your knowledge in today’s top trends, this operational resource library features expert-based information for best practices within our industry for NAA members.

Topics will range among all aspects of our business, in an easily searchable format providing quick results for immediate use. Operators will find these documents informative and will value the sample forms attached for use within your own companies.

This library will continue to grow with new materials updated weekly.

*Please note: You will be prompted to log-in to NAA in order to access the resources. If you are an NAA member and have issues with login or access the documents, please call 1-833-86-MYNAA.

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White Papers

Multifamily Debt Collections

"Multifamily Debt Collections: Best Practices" outlines the best practices in the collection of bad debt or monies owed to an individual property or property owner. Become knowledgeable in collection standards and steps, best practices to create a well-crafted collection policy and how to reduce bad debt and increase overall recovery.

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Package Management

“How to Effectively Manage Package Acceptance: Best Practices for Owners and Managers,” outlines tried-and-true tactics and evaluates various management systems to help operators reduce administrative time, increase revenue and protect liability.

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Synthetic Fraud

“Synthetic Fraud: How to Identify, Respond and Prevent” details Synthetic ID fraud as the fastest growing form of fraud today and how it relates to multifamily operations. This best practice will discuss the overall impact it has and how to identify, respond and prevent it in the future.

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Best Practices

Apartment Turnover

NAA Best Practice for Apartment Turnover offers materials on the importance of effective and efficient apartment turnover. It helps the property operators to evaluate the appropriate steps ahead of time prior to a resident moving out allows for a more effective use of time to turn the apartment once it is vacant.

Download the Apartment Turnover Best Practice

Sample - The Make-Ready Board

Sample - MMR Make-Ready Checklist

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)

NAA Best Practice for Bring Your Own Devices provides information on the factors to consider, such as security, wage and hour compliance, and employees' privacy and so on. It also offers guidance on how to solve your company office policy and sample policy. 

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Conflict Resolution

NAA Best Practice for Conflict Resolution provides tools and information to aid in conflict resolution, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While the following applies to multiple forms of conflict, the focus of this document is specific to handling conflict with residents. Taking the time to resolve disputes with residents improves the chances of future peaceful interactions within the community.

Download the Conflict Resolution Best Practice

Curb Appeal

NAA Best Practice for Curb Appeal discusses the importance of curb appeal and the impact it has on a community’s chance of attracting potential residents. It evaluates the attractiveness of your community by suggesting areas of focus while offering recommendations to enhance your community for a positive prospect and resident experience. 

Download the Curb Appeal Best Practice

Sample - Building Exterior Checklist

Sample - Curb Appeal Checklist

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Best Practices

The Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act provide Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modifications to persons with disabilities, specifically persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.  In response to growing concerns, NAA hosted a fair housing webinar featuring a panel of experts to discuss issues that affect the deaf and hard of hearing and best practices. This webinar will discuss the HDS Study “Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities Barriers at Every Step” and share resources to assist you in meeting the needs of persons whom are deaf or hard of hearing.

Fair Housing Webinar Focusing on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Best Practices Fair Housing Webinar

Diversity and Inclusion

NAA's Best Practice for Diversity and Inclusion underscores the importance of diversity and inclusion and how to best create and achieve goals associated with these programs. This document offers a roadmap for executing a program that ultimately results in diversity and inclusion being integrated into the DNA of a corporate culture. In addition to this best practice document, Visto offers a course, Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential, as a supplementary resource.

Download the Diversity and Inclusion Best Practice

Employee Engagement

NAA’s Best Practice on Employee Engagement provides guidance for understanding how an engaged workforce yields a significant competitive advantage.  This document offers a roadmap for measuring, managing, and increasing employee engagement within the organization.

View the Employee Engagement Best Practice

Download the Employee Engagement Best Practice

Employee Exposure

NAA Best Practice for Employee Exposure to COVID-19 provides guidance on the considerations for addressing a positive test for COVID-19 among their workforces. Employers should attempt to conduct company assessments to identify risks and prevention strategies prior to confirmation of COVID-19 exposure or a positive diagnosis. 

Download the Employee Exposure Best Practice

Resident COVID-19 Notification Letter

Employee Recognition

NAA’s Best Practice on Employee Recognition provides guidance for understanding the importance of employee recognition on workforce morale, culture and performance.  This document provides tools for executing a comprehensive strategy to identify and reward those employee behaviors most valued by the organization.

View the Employee Recognition Best Practice

Download the Employee Recognition Best Practice

Fire and Life Safety

NAA Best Practice for Fire and Life Safety provides guidance on the importance of fire and life safety in apartment communities. This document will help property owners/managers prepare systems pertaining to life safety and how to carefully monitor to ensure compliance and optimal working conditions.

Download the Fire and Life Safety Best Practice

Flex Scheduling

NAA Best Practice for Flex Scheduling includes several possible flexible work arrangements that provide employees with increased flexibility with their work schedules while allowing a company to maintain a progressive and productive work environment.

Download the Flex Scheduling Best Practice

Sample - Remote Working Agreement

Sample - Telework Agreement

Sample - Compress Workweek Agreement

Flexible Rentals

NAA Best Practice for Flexible Rentals offers suggestions to aid in delivering an exceptional customer experience and consistent operational format when implementing flexible rentals. It also offers insights on the business model of flexible rentals, which may assist with occupancy goals and generating revenue, as well as to offer guidance on various providers in the marketplace, business implications and legal considerations.

Download the Flexible Rentals Best Practice

Leasing Safety

NAA Best Practice for Leasing Safety provides guidance of preparations and procedures in leasing safety. This document includes several for leasing agents and onsite staff to take when vetting prospective residents to guard against the possibility of any threat.

Download the Leasing Safety Best Practice

Sample - Touring Apartments Procedures Manual

Management Agreements

NAA Best Practice for Management Agreements offers information on multifamily contracts that set expectations, requirements and deliverables for both the managing company and property owner. Offering guidance of what a typical Management Agreement Form should entail and a sample agreement for reference.

Download the Management Agreements Best Practice

Sample - Property Management Agreement

Mental Health

NAA Best Practice for Addressing Residents with Mental Health Concerns provides members guidance for effectively working with residents with mental health concerns in an educated and compassionate way, while also protecting the well-being of all residents, promoting healthy and constructive interactions and avoiding accusations of discrimination.

Download the Mental Health Best Practice

Mold Action Kit

The NAA Mold Action Toolkit document contains a compilation of resources from NAA, government agencies and private contributors that will assist your company in managing mold issues at your apartment communities. It is NAA’s mission to keep you updated as the impact of mold on the apartment industry continues to evolve.

Download the NAA Mold Action Kit

 Mold Action Tool Kit Webinar

Recycling Programs

NAA Best Practice for Recycling Programs offers information for NAA members on trends, benefits, and methods for establishing effective recycling programs at their communities.

View the Recycling Programs Best Practice

Download the Recycling Programs Best Practice

Resident Screening

The National Apartment Association is committed to providing our members with best practices and guidance to help navigate trending operational issues. Recently, we have seen an increase in enforcement of criminal screening fair housing cases. We are pleased to provide our members with a comprehensive Resident Screening Best Practice.

This will ensure that NAA members understand which resident screening best practices to consider to fairly and consistently comply with regulations; help mitigate risk; meet goals for occupancy, absorption, delinquency and bad debt; and provide a great experience for their customers.

Download the Resident Screening Best Practice

Sample - Acceptance Notification

Sample - Decline Notification

Sample - Guarantor Application

Sample - Notice of Conditional Offer

Sample - Rental Criteria

Sample - Virginia Rental Application

Form I-9

Software Contract Considerations

NAA Best Practice for Software Contract Considerations provides information to those who participate in the negotiation, review and execution of software contracts. Presenting unique challenges for customers, software contracts are designed by the vendor’s lawyer, sometimes with little room to negotiate. This document includes frequently encountered terms and considerations to help you understand and negotiate favorable terms in your software technology contracts.

Review NAA's Best Practices on Software Contract Considerations, or download it as a PDF.

Staffing Considerations

NAA Best Practice for Staffing Considerations offers guidance for staffing apartment communities. While there are various factors to consider with all staffing situations, this has been the formula for most owners, operators and developers when calculating personnel expenses.

Download the Staffing Considerations Best Practice

Smoke-Free Community

NAA Best Practice for a Smoke-Free Community provides operational guidance for adopting a smoke-free community policy. Non-smoking polices can be highly beneficial to the operation of an apartment community, reducing risk to both the building and its residents as well as easing costs and effort related to maintenance and turns.

Download the No-Smoking Addendum

Download the Adopting a Smoke-Free Community Policy

Talent Recruitment

NAA Best Practice for Talent Recruitment aims to help educate members on overcoming the challenges of hiring talented individuals while considering whom to target, what message to convey and how to staff recruitment efforts, with the goals of reducing job vacancy, finding higher-qualified candidates and enhancing company reputation. The overall goal is to offer suggestions to increase awareness of company recruitment efforts.

Read the Talent Recruitment Best Practice or download it as a PDF.

2020 U.S. Census

The 2020 U.S. Census will begin soon. For the first time, the Census will be conducted on the phone and over the internet, as well as being available in paper form, and at your doors. The data from the census decides the destination of over $675 billion dollars each year, affecting 55 federal programs. We want to educate our members about the Census efforts and developments throughout the process. Be on the lookout for webinars in the near future, where we will have experts inform our members on everything they need to know about the  2020 Census.

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