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Rental Housing Operation Resources

Operational Resources

NAA's resource library features expert-based information for operational best practices within the industry to help you expand your knowledge and discover viable solutions for today's top trends. Operators will find these documents informative and will value the sample forms attached for use within your own companies.

NAA is committed to a sustainable future for the rental housing industry. NAA provides benchmarking information, events, education opportunities to improve energy efficiency and helps members at all skill levels learn tools and tricks of the trade by highlighting innovative solutions.

NAA’s legal team provides legal and compliance resources on important issues that affect rental housing owners and operators. NAA also provides a Legal Assistance Program and an Amicus brief program aimed at protecting the rental housing industry by addressing critical industry issues across the nation.

NAA Research provides the latest multifamily housing trends including monthly rental housing jobs snapshot, quarterly apartment market pulse, yearly operational income and expenses survey, special reports addressing the critical issues within the multifamily housing industry, and more!

NAA Mental and Emotional Health Survey

Mental and emotional health have always been important topics, but they have become even more so due to the challenges we all have been facing during the pandemic. We are excited to announce results for this first-of-its-kind survey for the rental-housing industry…

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You can find your local NAA-affiliated apartment association easily and become a member of your local apartment association to access the resources! Once you are a member, you will not only be able to enjoy the benefits from your local association but also are entitled to the most comprehensive operational resources from NAA. 

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